Exercise is key to health

Let’s face it, beneficial exercise and good eating habits are not easy. It takes money, time, energy and motivation that many people find hard to stick to. We’ve found that 90% of what people try would never work in the long run because it wasn’t personally or professionally designed.


Lasting results are found when exercise and nutrition is personally designed for your lifestyle, limitations and your whole body and mind.  An app or video are generic and can’t adapt to your changing needs. A licensed trainer from LAPT is available now to show you the difference experience makes.


At LA Private Trainers there’s no guess work just our 30 years of science based approach and proven techniques that work. Our unique three phase progression program has proven successful to start you at the right place and progress your goals only in the areas you want to improve.

  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Drop several inches around your waist
  • Reduce medication and side effects
  • Break bad habits, instill new ones


Don’t waste another week wondering what to do, call now for a complimentary consultation at (818)371-3082. 

“I was so grateful my doctor referred me to Mavis, she’s the cure for my health issues”

References available everywhere.

Our services

For over 30 years, we have been providing a wide range of professional fitness services safely and effectively.

Home fitness training


We start with extensive metabolic and fitness tests and gather a personalized baseline of your health and medical history. Testing muscle strength, cardiovascular recovery rate, training heart rate, perceived rate of exertion, joint and muscle flexibility, body fat, muscle mass, waist circumference, BMI, and most importantly, Resting Metabolic Rate. RMR respiratory test calculates the exact amount of calories you need per day, so we take the guess work out of your dietary plan. After this, we can write an exercise and nutrition plan with your Personal Calorie Profile.

Exercise training

One on One and team sessions are 60 minutes encompassing the 4 components of your plan and goals. We use heart rate monitors and keep you in your training zone while working several sets of all major muscle groups. Our cool down then incorporates a variety of appropriate abs, balance, gait and stretching exercises leaving you feeling on top of the world. We do ask you to do homework! These daily activities will contribute most to your overall health and well being and help you to begin taking action on your own that will have lasting results.


Proper nutrition is so important to thrive and yet there is very little personal nutrition services that don’t cost a fortune. Our nutrition services are mostly included with exercise training as we found they work hand in hand.  Our licensed nutritionist uses your Personal Calorie Profile to provide the most accurate nutrition plan for your health and goals. They will meet with you on occasion to gauge progress and provide tools to help you keep up your lifestyle changes. We offer grocery shopping and kitchen set up as well as nutrition sessions online and in home. Family sessions can be highly beneficial when kids and extended family can greatly benefit from your nutrition awareness and education.

Clinical Health coach

LA Private Trainers has helped thousands of patients make crucial life saving behavior changes with our Clinical Health Coach. Quit drinking alcohol, quit smoking, stop eating processed sugar or meats, quit drug dependence and change eating disorders. We work with your medical doctor to help you to start eating healthy, take beneficial daily supplements and reduce the effects of detrimental habits that are contributing to physical disease and poor mental health. Our licensed Clinical Health Coach will work with your physician and any licensed healthcare provider to minimize risk and teach you how your body and brain changes by removing unhealthful habits and incorporating new beneficial ones. Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga and Pilates are some available tools our health coach can teach you.

Exercise therapy

Getting diagnosed with a disease is frightening. There are challenges to overcome like medication side effects, physical changes and feelings of despair. Our staff are highly trained and we are routinely referred by doctors and medical specialists from Cedars, UCLA and USC Keck School of Medicine, to step in where medication stops by adding personal exercise therapy for Diabetes ll, Heart Disease, Cancer and Neurological Disorders like Parkinson’s, MS and Alzheimers. Don’t suffer battling a serious disease without the power of exercise therapy to keep you moving safely, reduce muscle pain, and curb the depression and anxiety often associated with a life long disease. We are currently accepting Long Covid Patients by doctor referral. We update your physician with exercise treatment plans, soap notes and ongoing assessments. 

group and Team training

Due to the nature of the Covid 19 pandemic our groups are limited to team training which is one or two persons at a time in our fitness studios and in home or offices. 

We provide personal training to you and a friend at your local park when weather permits. Additionally, several times per year we sponsor hikes and walks with local physicians to provide awareness about exercise and health.  Group walks are currently on hold due to Covid-19. 

Updates are available so please check out our instagram and follow us on facebook for new event updates. Please play safe.

Happy bodies

“Amazing experience with LAPT! Their knowledge and experience is incredible and I saw results within days!”

- kara kelly

“From a mess to a success, Mavis didn't try sell me anything. She made me see what I needed to do and helped me take action in ways no one else has! I highly recommend her.”

- Gary Busey

Our TEAM IS READY to help you reach your full health potential.

Still not sure how exercise and nutrition with LA Private Trainers can benefit you? Try a complimentary session with Mavis. LAPT’s owner is offering you an introductory personal session to see if our services are good fit. 

There is no better time to turn to home fitness training or private studio workouts to get the most health benefits for your time and energy.


*We follow the CDC’s guidelines for safe Covid19 protocols and our professionals are vaccinated and wear masks. Please be conscientious of our staff, we thank you!

Mavis McConnon BA. CPT, LCH

I became inspired when I moved to LA in 1992 and hired a personal trainer from LA Private Trainers. I began working to build LAPT so everyone could have the experience I did. Since then I have become educated in exercise physiology, nutrition science, physical therapy, pre and post bariatric care, neurological disease and prevention, drug and alcohol addiction, and the disease onset that a sedentary lifestyle causes. With the help of my staff and a large network of referring physicians, I have delivered almost 750 thousand training sessions and I am always humbled by each new client.  Make a commitment today to your health. Take the journey with me and LA Private Trainers, you’ll be grateful for choosing the best medicine out there, exercise!

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