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Let’s face it, beneficial exercise takes energy and motivation but most importantly it takes knowledge.  Who doesn’t want to improve energy, brain function, weight loss, and sleep? Why not lower blood pressure, joint pain, stiffness and stress? Is there a magic cure to relieve depression and anxiety, protect against chronic disease all while building muscle tone and endurance?

Yes Indeed. When you hire LAPT, you get that and more. 


LA Private Trainers is a renowned fitness services company since 1995. We’ve provided service for over 5000 Los Angeleno’s.  Our unique three phase progression program  encompasses your whole body and brings awareness to the areas you need to improve. Our 4 categories of care are Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Muscle Strength and Endurance, Flexibility and Nutrition. 

We are certified professionals with a science based approach training beginners to athletes, and all individuals in between.

Personal Training AND a Health Coach

 Let’s unlock your potential together and start the journey to your OPTIMAL LIFE.

Expertise and Experience

Simply the best.

I became inspired when I moved to LA and hired a trainer. I saw the future of individualized wellness programs, so I opened LA Private Trainers. Since then we have delivered almost a million individual sessions in our boutique clubs, 5 star hotels, corporate centers and anywhere my clients need a trainer. Individualized fitness has never been more important, so if you’re ready to make a commitment to your health, Take the journey with LA Private Trainers.

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