National data demonstrate that increased sugar consumption, a high daily caloric intake, and low levels of daily physical activity are independently associated with COVID-19 mortality. Further, genetic factors such as obesity may compound the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and increase the risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms in some patients.

A diet high in sugar in combination with a low level of physical activity may increase blood glucose levels and impair glucose metabolism. Recent data show that patients admitted to the hospital with high levels of fasting blood glucose are at an increased risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms. Moreover, elevated glucose levels resulted in increased SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vitro. We believe that healthier habits of diet and exercise, by improving glucose homeostasis could modulate the individual risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms. The best place to start is working with a person fitness trainer. Exercise changes your blood glucose level immediately and increases oxygen. 

Exercise adherence is the most challenging barrier to results.This is why working with a certified professional is so important. Without a thorough fitness assessment and health history, you may not be doing the right exercise at the right intensity to see benefits and then generally people quit. Contact our office for more information on how to change eating habits and start exercising to protect yourself from. Covid 19 and many other potential illnesses.

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